Welcome to Courthouse Kitchens of Green Lake!

Process greater quantities of food easily and efficiently!

Join us in unleashing the tastes of fresh, locally grown produce.


Our commercial kitchen has over 1,250 square feet of cooking and prep space, plus a half ton of stainless steel. We have the space and equipment to grow your food business beyond the local market.


If you're not into building a food business, then join us in one of our culinary classes. Let your creative side explore the secrets of making your croissants fluffier, or your Croquembouche more delicate.

Don’t waste all your weekends standing at farm markets. Sell your favorite products wholesale at your convenience.


• Our checklist will help speed you through the process of getting licensed and insured.


• Escape the distractions at home. Enjoy cooking your product in our large, bright commercial kitchen. When you are finished, we will warehouse your cases of finished product right here in our facility.


• Time to label your product? Spread out in our prep room, not your living room.


• Canning? Our commercial dishwasher will sterilize your jars in 80 seconds! Use our 20 quart brazier to bring two dozen jars at a time up to temperature.


Located on the lower level of Town Square in downtown Green Lake, WI


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